Castaway Compost was formed in 2009 with 5 pounds of worms and a plan to save the world.  I now have a lot more worms and a smaller goal but am still working to make my world (Central Indiana) better.


Keith O’Dell, Castaway Compost 


Fishers, Indiana.


Worm composting (vermicompost). Red worms, worm compost, worm bins, worm compost tea (applied or by the gallon) and information.


Worm composting takes your waste and turns it into a resource -- a very good resource.  Worm compost can replace chemical fertilizer & potting soil while improving the quality of your plants and vegetables. 


Providing customers with red worms, working bins, finished worm compost or aerated worm compost tea.  Customers can expect at least a gallon of high quality, worm compost every month – more if you try a little harder.  And this will cost you exactly nothing after your initial purchase.

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