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Castaway Compost was formed by accident. I was trying to answer two questions: how to improve crop production in Kenya and Honduras (Missionary friends) and how to get rid of hundreds of pounds of coffee grounds (work). Several months of Internet surfing and discussions with interested parties led me from composting to hydroponics to aquaculture and finally to worm composting. Castaway Compost was formed. I haven’t completely answered the two questions – I’m still learning – but I do have many working worm bins, thriving gardens and lawn and hundreds of pounds of worm compost.

Who – Keith O’Dell and to a lesser degree his family. His wife encourages and his teenage daughters help out at the Farmer's Markets.

Where – Fishers, a large, non-farming town in the middle of Indiana.

What – Worm Composting (vermicompost). Red worms, worm compost, worm bins, worm compost tea (applied or by the gallon) and information.

Why – Trying to go natural. Not just saving the earth but making it as well. Chemicals treat your lawn but the run-off contributes to water pollution and the soil is the same or worse afterward. Vermicompost treats the soil by adding slow release nutrients, increases the micro-organisms in the soil which helps your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and improves your yard’s drought and disease resistance.

How – Allowing red worms to thrive, providing them and their products to a growing population of people who are trying to do things the way God intended – naturally. I am continually learning about the benefits of red worms and composting.

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