It’s a start

Started planting the herb spiral this past weekend. Three basil on top and a lettuce mix on the bottom north end. I have a few onions that self started on the west side and I’ve got to figure out what else I want to add. I added some fresh worm compost as a top dressing after planting and will spray worm compost tea tomorrow night. I’ll get pictures this weekend — hopefully.

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  1. Cristian says:

    Thanks for your comment. I was rinollg the bags every day to give more ventilation. There were also holes in the bags for ventilation. I was not able to have an official location for a compost pile or manure to add to the pile at the time. So it was an experiment. Also I was working on this compost in the winter time. I was recently able to set up an official compost pile in the back yard. I found a neighbor to give me some horse manure. There is plenty of heat going on now.

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