Red Worms -- $25 — gallon bag of red worms and red worm culture (compost microbes cocoons, etc.) Everything you need to start a bin.


Worm Bins (stocked) -- $40 – 18 gallon tote

$40, $60 & $125 – Flow-thru bins (11-, 23- or 55-gallon)


Aerated Worm Compost Tea - $5/gallon


Worm Compost -- $8/gallon or $35 per 5 gallon bucket


Aerated Worm Compost Tea Yard Application

$60 first ½ acre, $35 each additional ½ acre



** Worms will include mature adults (breeders), teenagers (feeders), babies and cocoons along with several pounds of worm compost.


*What is Aerated Worm Compost Tea? -- items needed: 5-gallon bucket, aquarium air pump and air stone, non-chlorinated water, worm compost and a mesh bag or old sock and a tablespoon of molasses. Fill your bucket with 3-5 gallons of water. If it is city water let it sit overnight to off-gas the chlorine. Turn on the air pump and put the air stone in the water. Put worm compost in bag or sock, tie the open end shut and put it in the bucket. Add the molasses to the water. Let the tea brew (bubble) for 18 to 48 hours. For best results, tea should be used within 24 hours. You can spray or drench your plants or pour on the soil around your plants or directly on your lawn. Put the compost back into your bin or top-dress your plants with it. Aerated Worm Compost Tea will help your plants take up nutrients, fight off some insects and fungi and will improve your soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients. This video shows how Harvard University is using compost tea on a larger scale.

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